Thursday, June 21, 2018
Learn More About the St. Louis Chapter

Chapter History

In 2000, Brad Hughes formed the St. Louis Chapter from a base of 20 FENG members already in the  St. Louis area.  From this modest beginning, the Chapter's membership grew to over 125 members by early 2002 and prompted Brad to recruit Don_Ficken as Co-Chair of the Chapter to share in leadership and support challenges.  By the end of 2002, the  Chapter grew by another 100 members and elected its first Board of Directors to enhance its leadership and chapter support structure. 

Don_Ficken took over as Chapter Chair in August 2006 after Brad Hughes moved to Chicago.  Don led the Chapter through a strategic planning initiative which resulted in the chapter expanding the number and type of programs offered so they would be more attractive to employed members, expanding the chapter sponsorship program to bring greater financial stability to the chapter, and reorganizing the chapter board with expanded roles and responsibilities.  Under Don's leadership, the chapter grew from 500 members in 2006 to over 700 members in 2009.  Importantly, attendance at chapter events improved notably with some events drawing as high as 150 attendees compared to a peak of 50 attendees experienced in prior years.

Jim Cornfeld was elected Chapter Chair effective July 1, 2009.  Jim has long experience serving in various chapter leadership roles and continues working with the board to bring the chapter to new levels.   

Today, the St. Louis Chapter stands at over 700 members and maintains an active event calendar that includes regular monthly meetings and an active support structure for members in job transition. The Chapter is guided by an active Board of Directors and financially supported by a growing list of much appreciated Corporate Sponsors.